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Jackson Computer Solutions offer a variety of services for your computing needs for both home users and small businesses alike.

Desktop and laptop repair

General computer maintenance including part failure and troubleshooting software issues, virus removal etc.

Accidental damage repair

Repair of machines which have been dropped, bashed or suffered liquid spillage. Examples are:

Malware removal

Malware (Malicious Software) nowadays comes in a variety of forms beside traditional viruses, worms and Trojans. It is becoming increasingly common to see more modern versions of Malware in the form of Adware, Browser Hijackers, Ransomware, Rootkits and Spyware.

JCS has successfully removed a wide variety of Malware from all kinds of Windows Machines, we strongly recommend having a up to date antivirus on your system.

Data transfer

If you have just purchased a new computer and want the data transferring from the old one or you have had your hard drive upgraded / replaced then we can transfer the data to your new one for you.

Custom built computers

We can build you a tailor made computer to suit your needs, be it a gaming machine or an affordable home computer. You tell us what you want and we will build it.

System upgrades

If you are looking to upgrade your computer so you can have more storage or make it run faster, no problem, let us know what you want done and we will upgrade your system for you.

Setup your new computer

If you have purchased a new computer from us or anybody else we can setup it up for you. This includes setting up printers, scanners, webcams etc. .

Setup a broadband connection

If you have recently signed up to broadband be it ADSL or Cable we can set this up for you including wireless security and any connecting devices. (All equipment must be provided or prior warning must be given if you need the equipment purchasing).

Setup wireless and wired networks

Installation of Cat5e wired network for the modern home with new DLNA certified TVs etc. Your home can be wired up so everything is connected to the internet.

Remote desktop support

If you are experiencing issues with printing etc, we can remotely access your desktop and resolve the issue instantly via the internet (requires an active internet connection which is working on the machine to be repaired).

Desktop and laptop servicing

In my experience computers need to be serviced from time to time, some more than others depending on type of processor in the machine and the location of where it is used.

This is a result of manufacturers trying to make them run as quietly as possible, combined with modern processors which are becoming ever increasingly more powerful. Over a period of time your computer will get full of dust, which reduces the effectiveness of the cooling system inside your PC or laptop.

The thermal paste is a thin grease like material which goes between the processor (CPU) and the heatsink to aid in the transfer of heat. If this is compromised due to the cooling system being blocked or just through age, it will dramatically effect how your computer will run and usually when this happens the computer needs to be serviced and the paste replaced.

We offer a service whereby your unit is stripped down, cleaned and new thermal paste applied which should resolve overheating issues and prolong the life of your computer and clearout the fans from dust, to make your computer run cooler and quieter.